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Our department offers a full range of technologically advanced imaging services to provide patients with high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services. Our imaging and radiology services teams provide exceptional care and work with doctors, nurses and other clinicians to deliver the comprehensive care. Department is well equipped with state of art X-ray, Mammogram, Computed Tomography (CT) scan and Digital subtraction Angiography (DSA) machines. Apart from general diagnostic services, department is equipped for emergency and intervention radiology procedures.


  • CT scan : Routine, Angiographies, CT Cisternography, Guided FNAC’s/ Biopsies/ Drainage.
  • X-ray : both routine and special views as suggested by the Clinician, Barium and Urograffin Studies.
  • Ultrasound : Routine, Obstetric and Gynaec Scans. Guided FNAC’s/ Biopsies/ drainage.
  • Doppler Studies : for Obstetric Carotid, Renal and Limbs.
  • Mammography : Screening and Follow up.


    Vascular Diagnostic neuro/ abdominal Angiograms. Peripheral angiogram / Stenting. Embolization for Tumours/ TACE. Embolization for GI bleed / Epistaxis/ Haemoptysis. Endovenous laser for varicose veins. Insertion of Chemoports and PICC lines. IVC / Hepatic vein angioplasty /Stenting. TIPS and BRTO. Transjugular liver and renal biopsy. Non vascular Percutaneous drainage for collections / abscesses, Percutaneous cholecystotomy, Percutaneous biliary drainage (PTBD)/ Metallic Stenting. Radiofrequency ABLATION of tumours, vertebroplasty.


    Well trained staff follow ALARA (As low as reasonably achievable) principle to minimize radiation to patient and other radiation workers. In combination with biomedical engineering and radiation safety team, all machines undergo quality control and quality assurance check. Delivering quality reports timely makes us to achieve better turn over times.

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